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Halloween - Theremin Style!

PumpkinminIt's that time of year again... Time for all the neighborhood kids to dress up as their favorite Pokemon or Star Wars characters and go around Trick-or-Treating. As tradition goes, if you don't have some candy or surprises ready for these little ghosts and goblins, they'll play all sorts of tricks on you - usually involving toilet paper and eggs.

This year, why not entertain them with the spookiest of all musical instruments... the theremin! Here are some ideas for using the theremin to help your neighborhood ghosts have some extra fun this Halloween.

Haunted Candy

Decorate your theremin with all sorts of spooky Halloween garb. You could throw a sheet over it, complete with cut-out eye holes, or simply stretch some fake spider webs from antenna to antenna. Then, set it next to a candy dish & turn it on. When kids come to the door & reach into your candy dish, they'll be greated with a spooky wailing sound that will remind them not to be too greedy. Use a delay or reverb pedalto enhance the effect.

Score the Soundtrack

The imaginative folks at Walt Disney World deserve the credit for this one. Rent a copy of a good theremin Sci-Fi film, such as The Day the Earth Stood Still or It Came From Outer Space. Anything with lots of robots or flying saucers will do. Now, turn down the volume on your television. Let kids take turns playing along to the movie, creating their own spooky sountrack as they go!

Scary Sound Effects

Have a contest to see who can produce the scariest sound effect on the theremin. You can let kids play solo, or play along to a haunted-house soundtrack such as Scary Sound Effects - Nightmarish Noises for Halloween.

I hope you'll enjoy these ideas and games as much as I have. Send in your own ideas or post them to the forums.