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Formatting Options for Forum Posts

Here's a quick tutorial on how to add a bit of formatting to your posts in the ThereminWorld forums.

Bold Text:

To create bold text, just enclose the phrase you want in bold with the [b] and [/b] tags. For example:

[b]This text is bold[/b] is drawn as This text is bold


Create text in italics with the [i] and [/i] tags:

[i]This text is in italics[/i] becomes This text is in italics


To include hyperlinks in your posts, use the [url=] format. For example:

[url=]ThereminWorld[/url] becomes ThereminWorld

Please avoid posting unformatted URLs with long unbroken strings in them as they will break the appearance of the site. Please use carriage returns so the long URLs "wrap", and suggest readers copy and paste then if needed.
Wide images will also break our layout. Keep any images included in your posts at or under 400px wide, or just provide a text link to them.