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Japanese Theremin Books

Masami Takeuchi, Japan's first professional thereminist and former student of Lydia Kavina, has written 2 books about the theremin:

Ether Music and the Man who Lived 20th Century Russia (
(English Translation)
The Theremin is Repelled (
(English Translation)

The first, Ether Music and the Man who Lived 20th Century Russia, is an account of the life of Leon Theremin. According to this review, Takeushi is fluent in Russian and had the opportunity to deeply research Theremin's life while studying with Lydia Kavina.

The second, The Theremin is Repelled (auto-translation), is a theremin method book. According to the listing, the book points out common mistakes made by beginner thereminists. The accompanying audio CD features piano and metronome accompaniments to the exercises, complete pieces with both theremin and piano, and piano-only tracks for "thereoke"-style practicing.

More artwork from this book can be found here

Masami Takeuchi

Masami Takeuchi is Japan's first professional thereminist. He is also the founder of the "Friends of the Theremin" society, a group of Japanese theremin enthusiasts who meet for theremin lessons, discussion, promotion, and concerts. Takeuchi is also a member of Mandarin Electron, a performance group and creator of the Matryomin - a pitch-only theremin housed inside a traditional Russian doll.

Thanks to omhoge for pointing these books out to us in the forums.

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