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Press Release: The Art of Playing The Theremin

The Art of Playing the Theremin


The theremin (also called thermenvox or thereminvox) has been invented by Lew Sergejewitsch Termen in 1920 and is, up to today, a quite mysterious instrument. It is probably the first electric instrument ever invented, and the only one that is being played without actually being touched.

Carolina Eyck was born in 1987 close to Berlin (Germany). She already started to take theremin lessons at the age of 7. Up to now she can look back on a remarkable international concerting career. The SERVI Verlag, Berlin published her Theremin school "The Art of Playing the Theremin" in February 2006.

With her book Carolina Eyck defines for the first time a systematic method of playing the theremin. For this she refers to the playing technique of her longstanding teacher Lydia Kavina (Mosqua). And at the same she feels related to the credo of Clara Rockmore that is not to purely use the theremin in order to create sound effects, but rather to interpret the music with a high artistic claim.

The 90 pages of the theremin school include more than 150 exercises and etudes related to practice, introductory explanations for every chapter and numerous coloured pictures. Over 20 well-known as well as new pieces of different skill-levels are included within the book.

They will accompany the thereminist up to the stage.

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