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Press Release: Moog Music to Host Theremin Clinic with Pamelia Kurstin

Moog Music, Inc.

For Immediate Release:

February 9, 2007

ASHEVILLE, NC – Moog Music will host a beginners clinic on “How to Play the Theremin” on Saturday, March 10th from 11AM-1PM at the Moog Music factory, 2004-E Riverside Drive in Asheville. Pamelia Kurstin, celebrated thereminist, makes a rare Asheville appearance as instructor. As a public service, Moog Music will make a limited number of tickets available at only $20 for the 2-hour clinic.

The theremin, originally invented in 1919 by Russian physicist Leon Theremin, is the only electronic musical instrument that is played without being touched. The player controls pitch, volume and length of notes by moving their hands closer to or farther from two protruding antennas: in effect, “playing” the magnetic field around the instrument. The theremin is considered the precursor to the modern day synthesizer and was Bob Moog’s inspiration for his original synthesizer designs. Its distinctive sound has historically been heard in everything from 1950s sci-fi films to the Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations” and recordings by Led Zeppelin in the 60s and 70s. It has enjoyed resurgence since the 1990s and continues to be heard in both classical concert halls and rock concerts all over the world today. Moog Music is the world’s leading producer of Theremins, having shipped over 14,000 of the instruments since introducing its Etherwave? theremin line in the late 90s.

Theremin World lauds Pamelia Kurstin as “one of the most precise and talented thereminists on the planet”. Originally trained on cello and upright bass, she is known world-wide for her unique “walking bass” theremin technique. She has played and recorded with such artists as David Byrne and Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, and has been featured on film and TV including an appearance on Saturday Night Live. She currently performs with the New York-based group Barbez, as well as solo (Live Theremin Orchestra) using effects and looping techniques. She lives in Vienna, Austria.

“The theremin is the most unique musical instrument ever created”, states Moog Music president Mike Adams. “If you are a violin player, think you have a great musical ear, or want to improve your ear, I would encourage you to attend this clinic. Pamelia is one of two thereminists with a world-wide reputation. For her to be here in Asheville and Moog to offer this clinic is truly a unique opportunity.” Attendence at the clinic is by pre-registration only. For more information, or to register, call Moog Music at 828-251-0090 or email at

Moog Music and our customers carry on the legacy of Bob Moog, the inventor of the synthesizer. We design and manufacture electronic musical instruments with unlimited sonic possibilities, including Etherwave? Theremins, Moogerfooger? effects modules, Minimoog? Voyager? and Little Phatty™ synthesizers and the Moog PianoBar?. Founded by Robert Moog, Moog Music is located in Asheville, NC.

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