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Updates on RCA Theremins #521 and #200085

We've just posted updates to RCA Theremins #521 and #200085 in the RCA Theremin Registry.

  • RCA #521 is owned by Jane Evans and lives in Texas. She recently discovered the serial number stamped on the bottom of the cabinet doors of her family's theremin. We also have some new photos of this theremin.
  • RCA #200085 was purchased in October 2002 by John Jenkins and is now on display in the American Museum of Radio in Bellingham, WA. Visitors are even allowed to play it!

The RCA Theremin Registry was started to help track down as many of the original 500 RCA AR-1264 theremins as possible. To date, the whereabouts and conditions of less than 100 of these instruments are actually known to Thereminworld. If you know of an RCA theremin not listed in the registry, please contact us.