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Dr. Paul Tanner to speak at docmentary screening

Posted to LEVNET today:

The following is an event announcement for theremin and electronic music enthusiasts who will be in or around the San Diego/Southern California region on August 5, 2004. This event is free and open to the public.


CARLSBAD, CA—On Thursday, August 5 at 7 PM, the Museum of Making Music presents "Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey," a unique documentary that follows the fascinating life of Russian scientist Leon Theremin, best known for his instrument named the "Theremin," one of the very earliest electronic instruments.

Dr. Paul Tanner, theremin player on the recording of the Beach Boys' hit "Good Vibrations," facilitates the screening of this "endlessly surprising documentary." A distinguished writer, composer, teacher, and trombonist, Dr. Tanner performed with many notable musicians, composers and bandleaders, including Glenn Miller and Leonard Bernstein.

Invented in 1919, the theremin was the first electronic instrument that provided the foundation for the development of modern-day synthesizers. Following the screening, audiences will be given an opportunity to try their hand at playing this unique & historically significant instrument.

This event, sponsored by a grant from the City of Carlsbad, is one of many free public events taking place at the Museum, 5790 Armada Drive, Carlsbad, as part of its Summer Sounds series program.

For more information about this and other upcoming Summer Sounds events, visit or call 760-438-5996. Toll free: 877-551-9976.