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Roundup: Theremin Art

I love to see theremin-inspired artwork. Here's a quick roundup of some pieces that have caught our attention in recent weeks:

Theremin and Sea Monster

"Theremin and Sea Monster" by Reverend Chimp


"Gort", glass art by Paul Wise

Pushpin Theremin

"Pushpin Theremin", found in the green room at Ethermusic 2005.

The Theremin

"The Theremin", by Drew.

Theremin Bunny

"Theremin Bunny" by Ed Stastny

Ralph Caraballo

"Original Thereminists" interpreted by Ralph Caraballo


"Theremin", by Casey Weldon

If you're an artist doing work with the theremin as a subject, drop us a line and let us know what you're up to.