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Klaatu would love Mathmos' Airswitch 1 Lamp


Remember that scene from "The Day the Earth Stood Still" where Klaatu walks around the interior of his spaceship, waving his hand over various panels to turn on lights? (I've always thought it was a tip of the hat to the theremin used in the film's score.) Well now you too can enjoy that Klaatu-like experience with the Mathmos Airswitch 1 lamp:

" Lava-lamp maker Mathmos has concocted a light-emitting theremin! It's Weird Science meets Penn & Teller: This glass flask gives off a 40-watt glow when you switch it on by passing your hand over the top. Brighten it by raising your palm in the manner of a magician levitating a lady, and dim it with a calming stuffing-a-handkerchief-into-a-top-hat gesture. The enigmatic instructions ask that the user wave her hand "slowly, but not too slowly" and keep 5 feet clear above it because the Airswitch is "powered" even when it's not on. However, the beaker-shaped beacon works just like the manual says, and mystified assistants can follow the emblazoned key on the lamp's side." --Varese Layzer

The lamp retails for around $70.

Via: WIRED Gadget Lab