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Give-away: Strange Sounds by Mark Brend

Here's a chance to help further the cause of "World Thereminization" and win a free book & CD in the process!

Mark Brend has donated an autographed copy of his recent book, "Strange Sounds: Offbeat Instruments and Sonic Experiments in Pop" (2005, Backbeat Books) for me to give away to one lucky member.

To enter, just find one online news article, blog, or other website that incorrectly claims the Beach Boys used a theremin on Good Vibrations, and reply to this post with a link to the site. Links on don't count, though I will thank you for helping us correct mistakes :)

If you want to take it a step further and contact the site's webmaster requesting a correction, you're more than welcome. Kudos for actually getting them to update their sites!

One entry per member, please. Each entry must be unique. In the event of duplicates, the first person to post the link will be counted and the others will need to find new links. I'll accept entries until Noon EST (GMT-05:00) Saturday, January 28th, at which time we'll draw the winning entry from all replies to this thread and announce the winner.

Have fun!

Link: Backbeat Books (including an MP3 sample from the book's CD)