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Meet the Thereping

The Thereping!

What do you get when a bunch of roboticists combine a theremin with the bagpipes, add some blinkinlights, throw in a dab of shark (or rocket) inspired design, and make a music video?

The Thereping, of course!

Created by members of the Austin Robotics Group, the Thereping is worn like a guitar and played like a theremin. An ultrasonic sensor provides the basis for space control, and a "thereclock" serves as a central sync device for multiple Therepings. A droning feature lets a performer drop into the mix while trading solos with other Therepingists during a performance. This thing is creative to say the least!

Interested in learning more? Visit the Thereping Yahoo! group for discussions, schematics, a copy of a recent Nuts and Volts magazine article with more details.

You can see the Thereping in action in this rehearsal video as well as this video shot by Geek Entertainment Television at South by Southwest's EFF/Creative Commons party this year.