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Vh1 looking for theremin music videos

Video music channel Vh1 is looking for videos of people performing "recognizable pop songs" on the theremin for an upcoming show. People will upload videos to a Vh1 website and the best ones will be shown each week on the air to compete for a grand prize.

To submit your entry, just upload your video to one of the popular video sharing websites (e.g. YouTube, Veoh, Vidilife, etc.) or your own website and then e-mail a link to Doug Gordon ( Videos should be short and well lit with good sound. They don't need to be professional looking, but they should be clear. If you need to submit a tape or DVD, you can mail it to Doug within the next week at:

Doug Gordon
1633 Broadway
6th Floor
New York, NY 10019

Good luck! If you submit something, let us know by posting a link to your video on this thread so we can see your act too. I'll post more information as to when the show will air as soon as I have it.