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The First Hispanic Theremin Festival, Barcelona

The First Hispanic Theremin Festival

The festival is focused on introducing, promoting and gathering support for this wonderful instrument within the Hispanic culture. It will be a meeting place for all those that are fond of or simply feel a curiosity for the theremin.
It will take place in Barcelona on Saturday, the 2nd of June, 2007, at the cinema "Cines Verdi" and the restaurant " Salambó ". For the first time in this country the documentary "Theremin, an Electronic Odyssey" will be shown in a cinema. We will also be able to hear several concerts by thereminists who are sure to delight everybody, especially those of you that still have not had the opportunity to see a theremin in person and in action.

Also two more events will feature the great thereminist Lydia Kavina, but in the context of “ 3er Festival de las Artes Castilla y León-Salamanca 2007”. That will be in Salamanca on Friday, the 8th of June.

Thank you Oscar at Theremin Hispano for posting the notice.