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Senster Show, UK, Features Sarah Angliss: Theremin

Sarah Angliss Theremin

A cabaret of artificial life and acoustic curiosity.

In answer to the question, Senster writes:
"What is Senster? Senster is an eighty-minute, mini spectacle that mixes live music and drama with examples of artifical life. At key points in the show, while musicians and actors move around the stage, projected objects will seem to move or change shape in a way that might leave you to think they are alive. A highly entertaining show for adults, Senster is also packed with acoustic oddities - including a theremin, waterphone, saw and performing, musicaal robot. Borrowing heavily from the European folk tradition, Senster mixes digital arts and live drama with a dark, dark storyline that will keep you on the edge of your seat."

If you too are feeling trapped in a world of mundane data visualizations, and in the UK, check them out.