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Farewell George Greeley. Pianist and Composer

Thursday, May 31, 2007
"" George Greeley, a pianist, conductor, composer and arranger who composed the theme music for television’s My Favorite Martian, has died. He was 89.
For My Favorite Martian, the 1963-66 sitcom in which Bixby’s newspaper-reporter character befriends the stranded Martian played by Walston, Greeley used an instrument called an electro-theremin to make the weird sci-fi-like sound every time the Martian’s antennae went up or he used his powers of levitation.""
His work was all over television at one time, and though it was an electro-theremin, aka tannerin, it added to the impact of one of my favorite shows. Extending onto the small black and white tube some of the effect the theremin's voice had established on the big silver screen.
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