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Tennessee Music Teacher Promotes World Thereminization

Sue Culverhouse

After encountering the famous documentary about Leon Theremin, Sue Culverhouse, a music teacher, became so taken with the theremin she's been promoting it and writing about it.

In her 11/21/07 article for The Robertson County Times "Listening to theremin: A new world of music" after telling the story of the Theremin she describes some of her "hands off" encounters:
For my husband’s birthday, I ordered a theremin for him from eBay. Bill had been wanting one since he first heard it.

The instrument has to be amplified, so I took it to Mary’s Music in Clarksville. Tony, one of the co-owners, patiently worked with me to find a mike stand, amplifier and connecting cables. The store was full of young guitarists checking out instruments.

People stopped what they were doing and began to ease over to where we were playing the theremin. Everyone was fascinated and began asking questions. Most of the guys who work in the store had heard of the theremin and some had even seen the documentary, but none had played one before.

By the time I left the store, I had provided the source for the instrument and the affordable price I had paid. Tony assured me that they would be selling these instruments soon. It is truly a showstopper!

Thank you Sue, keep on Thereminizing!
Sue Culverhouse is a music teacher at Watauga Elementary School and Greenbrier Middle School.