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To Lippstadt Theremins Are Coming!

It is getting close, the aether-hand-wavers are ready to do their thing in Lippstadt. Wish we could all be there! Cannot wait to hear the reports.

More Exciting Festival News!
The Conrad-Hansen-Musicschool in Lippstadt / Germany has posted details for


Festival of THEREMIN
Concerts & Workshops 
September 12 -14 2008
Lydia Kavina, Barbara Buchholz,
Carolina Eyck, Wilco Botermans

and other participants

Organized by the Conrad-Hansen-Musikschule der Stadt Lippstadt Von Galen-Platz 1, 59557 Lippstadt / Germany.  Check out their site for lots more info. 

Yet another wonderful gathering of aether enthusiasts, it's looking like a banner year!
 Thanks to Gordon and the posters of the Without Touch form t