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Listen to Electro-Music Theremin Performances Live tonight thru Saturday

Don't forget to tune into the live Electro Music 2008 theremin performances starting tonight! Our beloved Theremin World members Kevin, Kip, and John are each taking the stage over the next 3 days, and you can listen to their acts live over the Intertubes.

John Hoge kicks off the event tonight at 8pm. Kip Rosser performs Friday night at 7pm. Kevin Kissenger wraps up the theremin trinity on Saturday at 9pm (all times Eastern time zone).

When the audio stream is available, a button should appear on the electro-music radio page to start the stream, the players you can use are listed there and free to download if needed: .

The Schedule for all performers is posted on the festival web site:

I'd love to see your comments after each performance. Share your thoughts in our forums!