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Bob Moog's 75th Birthday Bash: May 21, Asheville, NC

2009 Moog Fund raiser Poster

Bob Moog was admittedly a most important American figure in modern electronic music and the continuation of the theremin. Throughout it's different incarnations, Moog Music remains the longest continuous producer of theremins. We might not have any theremins to play now a days if it were not for him.

This Saturday May 23rd marks Bob's 75th birthday, and his spirit is as alive as ever. The Moog Foundation is throwing a Birthday Bash on Thrusday May 21st, to raise funds for the Moog Museum, and to give Moog fans a chance to visit a working model of the museum, and to "Enter the Mind of Moog" with an exciting slew of Mood device driven interactive music and video exhibits that will guide the viewer through specific eras of Moog’s career and document the evolution of the Bob Moog Foundation. There will also be a birthday cake contest, and a silent fund raising auction featuring a Moog Little Phatty Synthesizer.
There's a lot of information and remembrances about Bob here at ThereminWorld too.

Happy Birthday Bob! Gosh we miss you, and remain grateful to the Moog Foundation and Moog Music for keeping up the tradition, and most of all, continued Theremin production so that we can all Keep On Playing!

Bob Moog Foundation's Spring Fund Raiser to Benefit the Moogseum
Thursday, May 21, 2009 / 6pm – 10pm
The Orange Peel, Asheville, NC
Open to All ages
$15 Adults / $5 for children under 16