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Replica Theremin Cello And Diamond Speaker For Sale

Theremin Cello

We're excited to report that a replica theremin cello and diamond speaker built by master craftsman Floyd Engels are being offered for sale!

The original Theremin Cello was invented Prof. Theremin at the request of Leopold Stokowski. Mr. Engels painstakenly reverse-engineered the original instruments and produced about 12 replicas in the early 2000's. They very rarely are available for sale.

You can see a demonstration of one of Mr. Engel's replicas on YouTube.

Also for sale is a replica diamond baffle speaker like the ones seen used by Leon Theremin and Clara Rockmore in the documentary film Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey. The speaker was designed to be placed behind the performer so she could hear the sound milliseconds before the audience to react quickly with pitch adjustments.

Diamond Speaker

Interested buyers can view more photos of these items at and may contact the seller directly at:

John Terrey
498 Cross St.
Carlisle, MA 01741