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Spacedog to Release First Album: Juice for the Baby

What's not to love about a band that labels its website as "humans, robots, theremins"? 

After years of playing only live shows, UK-based Spacedog is about to release their first album, Juice for the Baby.  The album is available for download now and will be released on CD tomorrow.  Vocalist and thereminist Sarah Angliss recently announced the news on her blog, as well as details of upcoming launch events. 

Do come to our gigs at the Marlborough Theatre, Brighton, on Friday 9 December, and the Horse Hospital, London, on Wednesday 14 December, and help us celebrate the launch.

Spacedog are known for their ecclectic mix of instruments and use of self-made robot musicians during their live shows.  Remember the creepy kid next door in Toy Story who made mashups out of all his toys?  Now imagine them playing drums and theremins!  They were recently named Best Music Event at Brighton Festival and Fringe 2011.  You can watch videos of their live performances and hear samples of their music at their website.

Have you seen Spacedog live?  Leave comments to tell us about your experience!