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2 Moog Melodia Theremins at Knobexploit

eBay seller knobexploit posted on their Facebook page today that they have 2 Moog Melodia theremins being restored in preparation for sale.  If you're looking for a little piece of theremin history, a Melodia might be right for you.

The Moog Melodia was originally sold in 1960.  It has the same familiar box shape as today's Etherwave theremins, but you'll notice it doesn't have the traditional volume loop.  Instead, it has a small metal plate mounted on left side of the box that serves as the volume antenna.  It features control knobs for both pitch and volume, but no timbre controls.  They originally sold for $75 pre-built, or for $25 as a kit (source:  You can see one played in this video by Rob Schwimmer.

No word yet on what this one will be offered for, but one was recently sold on eBay for just $395 - not a bad price considering that new Etherwaves cost as much!

Thanks Gordon, for pointing us to this listing!