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New Theremin Book for French Readers

Manuel D'Initiation Au Theremin

This popped up on our forums today, and it's such great news I'm bumping it up to the front page.

The first theremin lesson book written in French has been announced!  Here's a quick summary from the post:

Written by the French and Swiss thereminists duet Jimmy Virani and Coralie Ehinger, with the participation of Thierry Frenkel, this book is full of practical advice dedicated to beginners.

Quick synopsis of the book : the history of theremin,  how a theremin operates, how to prepare and install the theremin, how to stand behind the instrument, how to tune it, a few fondamental principals on playing the theremin, etc.

The beautiful  illustrations were made by the graphic designer Nicolas Perrin (28grammes).

The book is available for just 15€ from

Our congratulations to the authors!