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Who would you cast in a feature film about the theremin?

Who would you cast?

A recent NPR article pointed out that while the story of the theremin has been told as a documentary, it seems to be begging to be made as a full length feature film.

This got me thinking. Who would you cast in such a film? The tale certainly has it's share of interesting characters and personalities to cast: Clara Rockmore, Leon Theremin, Lucie Rosen, Bob Moog... The list is quite long! 

To get the ball rolling... What about Betty White as an older Clara Rockmore?  Got a better idea?


coalport 3/17/2012 11:00 AM
This idea was shopped around Hollywood back in the 90's but there was no real interest in it. The story is not that exciting except to theremin enthusiasts and in order to create a script that would hold the attention of the movie going public - FROM RUSSIA WITH LEV - the facts would have to be changed. Pamelia had originally been proposed to play the young Clara. Today, in 2012, if the project were to go ahead, I think Ke$ha would be a choice the industry would be more enthusiastic about.
hypnotique 3/17/2012 11:29 AM
I can imagine Gwyneth Paltrow fitting in, though not sure exactly who she'd play.
Meryl Street as Clara (older)?

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