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theremit - A New Theremin From Italy


Meet theremit - a new theremin from Italian manufacturer Axefactory ( 

As you can see from the photo, theremit takes a refreshing break from the common "industrial shoebox" design employed by other popular theremin models.  It also features 2 large coils that protrude beneath the theremin as well as controls for pitch, volume, and timbre.  The model pictured above also features a tone knob. 

To see and hear theremit in action, check out this demo of Lorenzo "Lord Theremin" Giorda playing Paradise Circus by Massive Attack:

You can also get the chance to play one yourself at the upcoming theremin lab in Italy this May.  10 theremit's will be made available to participants for a discounted rate at the event.

Three models of the theremit are available (varnished ash, black painted, and stained wood) for prices ranging from 480 to 780 Euros.  For more information, please contact or visit their website.