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New Theremin Manufacturer from Brazil - ThereMy

Our Brazilian readers will be pleased to know about a new theremin manufacturer in Brazil - ThereMy (  At first glance, it looks very similar to the standard Etherwave shoebox design.  However, a closer look reveals some interesting divergence from tradition... 

First up,the antennas appear to be a bit "cleaner" in design (no plumbing pipe here!).  Rather than mounting with a compression nut, the pitch antenna screws into the mount directly.  On the front panel, you'll notice the absence of an audio jack (it's on the back) as well as timbre controls.  However, they have added knobs to control built-in reverb and delay effects. 


You'll need Flash to view the company's website, and you can find several videos of the theremin in action on YouTube.  Unfortunately, the performer in the videos really only plays the pitch antenna, but we can imagine how the volume loop would work in conjunction with it.

Big thanks to Theremin Depressão (@ThereminDepre on Twitter) for pointing us to ThereMy!

Via: Theremin no Brasil