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Maurizio "ErMan" Mansueti to Perform Theremin on Italian National Radio

Alessandra Celletti & Maurizio "ErMan" Mansueti will be guests of "BATTITI" on RAI 3, the Italian National Radio station this Saturday, October 13th. 

BATTITI is a well known jazz & contemporary music radio show by Pino Saulo, and Saturday night it will be conducted by Nicola Catalano.

Alessandra and ErMan will play compositions from their latest collaboration Love Attitude, their suite for Piano and Theremin.
Alessandra Celletti will also play compositions for Piano solo taken from her albums "Crazy Girl Blue", "The Golden Fly" and "Chi mi darà le ali".

You can tune into the show online here:

The show will air at the following times:  Rome 11:58 pm / London 10:58 pm / New York 5:58 pm / Los Angeles 2:58 pm / Tokyo 6:58 pm - Sunday