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6 Resources For Learning To Play The Theremin

If you received or purchased a theremin over the holidays, then congratulations!  The first few sessions with a theremin can be a little intimidating, so we've compiled this short list of resources to help you start learning to perform music on your new instrument.

Happy practicing!

1. Clara Rockmore's Theremin Method Book

Clara Rockmore Theremin Method

Clara Rockmore, the first theremin virtuosa, produced a theremin method book detailing her theremin technique in the 1990's.  The 16 page book is freely available in PDF format.  Thereminist Roger Ballenger has also shared a series of MP3 audio files of the lessons at

2. Mastering the Theremin by Lydia Kavina

This introductory video comes with the Moog Etherwave theremins, but in case you have a different model or bought yours second-hand, it's also available as a DVD at

3. Theremin Lessons DVD by Thomas Grillo

YouTube sensation Thomas Grillo has compiled this set of video lessons for learning to play the theremin.  Available from as DVD or online instant video.  Grillo also teaches lessons live online via Skype.  Visit to learn more.

4. The Art of Playing the Theremin by Carolina Eyck

Art of Playing the Theremin

A collection of 150 exercises and etudes by thereminist Carolina Eyck.  Available in both print and PDF format in English and German from

5. Online Theremin Lessons by Kip Rosser

Kip Rossser

Thereminist Kip Rosser has published a series of 64 theremin lessons online on his website. He covers everything from tuning the theremin to basic and advanced techniques. 

6. Manuel D'Initiation Au Theremin

Manuel D'Initiation Au Theremin

A great introduction to the theremin, packed with tips to get you started.  Originally published in French.  Available in spiral bound format in French at and in English at