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Theremin and Harp - Thorwald Jørgensen and Renske de Leuw


Here is a beautiful performance from Thorwald Jørgensen and harpist Renske de Leuw. The piece is entitled 'Sirenium Scopuli' and was written by Canadian composer Victor Herbiet. The duo originally debuted the piece at the X Rio Harp Festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2015.

According to Jørgensen, the theme of the piece centers around the Greek myths of the sirens:

... It starts off with the sound of the sea, the wind and from afar you can hear the sound of a ship sailing towards an island. Then all of a sudden a mysterious voice appears. It is a siren! The sailors are curious to find out what this beautiful voice is, not knowing the danger it holds within. More and more Sirens appear and the sing in a choir, making the enchanted sailors forget navigate. In the end, the ship crashes violently into the rocks and it sinks slowly to the bottom of the sea, taking all unfortunate sailors with it.

Jørgensen and de Leuw have been performing in the same symphony orchestra for years and recently began a collaboration to explore the combined sound of the theremin and harp. Learn more about them at Let's hope they have more in store for us!