Eri in Tokyo, April 22nd

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Eri Etherwave Pro Live Information Tokyo.

Dr.Mamoru Mohri offer
April 22 (Sat.) Science Cafe Weekend Concert No. 19
Theremin, the Oldest Electronic Instrument"

Details are here.

Mamoru Mohri is an astronaut who boards Space Shuttle Endeavour.
He is a superintendent of Miraikan. (

Mamoru Mohri bio

[Science Cafe Weekend Concert]
From ancient times, music was thought of as something like an application of science.
The studies of musical scales in ancient times and cosmology in modern times would have not existed, if it were not for the unity of music and science.

Try thinking of the origin of creativity as you sense the correlation between music and science.

Theremin: Eri Ii
Songwriter and thereminist. Referred to as a person who "actualized the dreams of the creator of the instrument" by Dr. Robert Moog who put the theremin to practical use as an instrument.
She freely plays various genres of music, such as movie soundtracks, old music, folk music, jazz, classical music and pop music.

Piano: Yutaka Hosoi
Pianist/keyboardist. Debuted as a keyboard player for Sentimental City Romance. Participated in many sessions up to the present time. He is currently active as the keyboardist mainly for the Kato Tokiko Band, MASSA, and Sentimental City Romance.

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