Impending Gig Nov 6th Ships of the Sea Museum

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Check this out

This will be in print tomorrow or Thursday. The write up left me thinking "it could be worse, it could be better", and had all the hallmarks of being rushed to meet a deadline, or am I just too picky? This was an over the telephone interview and no one with Connect could make it out here for a hands on demonstration.

I told the editor it was "good" to be politic, but considering his grasp of a topic for an instrument he's never seen or heard in person, maybe I am too much the perfectionist? Should I just get a life?

You can't see the get the press to leave out the Beach Boys part, even though I corrected their misinformation earlier prior to it hitting the

Now, the director for the Ships of the Sea Museum in Savannah, Tony
Pizzo, did an outstanding job promo'ing this event. Here is the writeup
for the program for Friday's upcoming festival....

Tonight, Mr. Neidlinger will be playing an old-style tube theremin (“Gabriella”) which he built himself. He has been playing the theremin,
whose playing technique requires great precision of touch and attention to pitch, for just over four years, and has won an honorable mention in
Spellbound Radio’s 2007 Theremin Competition. Mr. Neidlinger’s wife Sheri may also accompany him on the digital keyboard tonight.

The theremin is a rarely-seen early electronic instrument in which the proximity of the player’s hands to the vertical and horizontal antennae
determines the pitch and volume of the sounds produced. This instrument was invented by Russian physicist Lev Termen (Americanized to Leon
Theremin) in 1919. Originally intended to play the classical repertoire (as performed by Clara Rockmore) it has more often been heard as a
sound-effects producer for film, but is enjoying a revival by serious players looking to expand the repertoire.

Typical selections for tonight’s performance will be:

Moon River Mancini/Mercer
Twilight Time Nevins/Dunn/Ram
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Kern/Harbach
As Time Goes By Hupfeld
Dream a Little Dream of Me Andre/Kahn/Schwandt
Les Berceaux (“The Docks”) Faure
Nocturne, Opus 9 Chopin
Old Feather Blues M. Tempia
Memory Lloyd-Webber

Mr. Neidlinger will intersperse these tunes with some “humming” or free
improvisation, and will also take some time to demonstrate the playing
technique of the theremin.

For your reference and enjoyment, we have on display some sample copies
of plans for Mr. Neidlinger’s theremin.

Please use the links below to find out more about this instrument and some contemporary players:

theremin at .

Search Wikipedia and YouTube for “theremin”
The 1993 film Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey is available through


Now the Savannah Morning News reporter did come by and did get a first
hand demo, and with her assistant got to try it out. That article will
likely hit the streets tomorrow or Thursday. We'll see how it fares, but
I think the two young ladies took a little more time with me.


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Good luck, Philip!

The article seems well-written.


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