Kees Enkelaar Theremin

Posted: 5/22/2013 2:33:49 AM

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The Kees is about as simple as a theremin can get - its just a SC (Jaycar) theremin kit with modifications.. $1000 is absurd for this $50 kit with a few modifications and a nice box.. Anyone wanting one, contact me! I will happily build one for $500! (perhaps even less if you twist my arm ;-) .. With the disclaimer that, IMO, this is not a "good" instrument .. and not worth $500 IMO...

I know some people like Uncle Howie have praised it and said it sounds like an RCA, but I really cannot see anything about it to merit this commendation - Its sound is entirely derived from using its horrible power amplifier (The original SC drives a horrible small speaker - this particular amplifier is well known amongst the "Stomp-Box" community as a useful distortion component)

Kees used this amplifier to change the tonal character of the SC so his theremin gives line-out with a "waveshape" switch and exploiting this amplifier distortion mechanism - he also did some modification to the front-end to facilitate tuning and other minor improvements - But nothing was done with care or attention to detail.. It is, bluntly, hobbyist.

Full details (schematic, photos etc) of the innards can be found in my documents page on my Element-14 Theremin group.. See all documents starting with "Enkelaar".

This is an extremely simple re-build of the SC theremin.. The schematic etc were "decoded" by me from Gordon C's Enkelaar.. Any competent constructor could buy the S/C kit and modify it based on the data I have provided.. probably about $10 extra components and a good cabinet and antennas are the only extras needed.

Sorry Dana - But if one looks at whats inside a Moog 91A, and the fact that these are not selling for even $500.. And one looks inside a Kees - Well, getting $50 for a Kees would be a comparative over-charge.. Ok, I know it doesnt work like that - But IMO if you got more than $400 you would be doing well. In terms of performance, the Kees is usable - As usable as the other SC theremins, but cannot be compared to an EW or 91 or any other theremin which is designed by someone who knows what they are doing..

At its original low price, the Enkelaar was fair, IMO.. The modifications Kees made to the S/C theremin were needed and improved it (Some of these modifications are the same or similar to those published by Max Baars here on TW - I dont know who was first..) And Kees is not responsible for the worst aspects of the S/C design.. IMO, the S/C design is simple - but that is the only thing it has going for it! 


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