theremin octave..

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Hi, there.
I'm in Seoul, Korea.
I purchased Theremin yesterday. :)
But I don't know playing yet.

I have a Question.
My Theremin Pitch has a 1 Octave.
it's right?
It has not low pitch.
another skill?
Posted: 8/9/2009 11:49:06 AM

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Welcome to Theremin World Joo-hyun.

I have looked at your website, and I see you have a Moog Etherwave Theremin, sitting on a table. I think this might be the problem. If the table is made of metal it will make the pitch field of the theremin very large, so you can only play very high notes.

It is best to put the theremin on a microphone stand. If you do not have a microphone stand then it is good to put the theremin on something that does not conduct electricity. You could use a plastic bucket, or an empty cardboard box.

(You might be interested to know there is an experienced theremin player in Korea. I think her name is Monla Mong, and she has made a CD called "A Dreaming Kid" - I am not sure, because I cannot read Korean writing. If you can find her on Google she might be able to give you advice about playing the theremin.)
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Thank you for kindly reply, Gordon. ^^
right. I put on the steel-leg table or steel-leg chair. firstly, I will put on cardbox.

Yes, I know mongla(but she doesn't know me). she played theremin on TV. I searching her e-mail adress. :)
maybe, She and me only theremin player in KOREA. Haha.


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