Theremin novice...

Posted: 1/6/2010 7:32:36 PM

From: Lowell, MA, USA

Joined: 12/27/2009

Hello everyone. I received a Moog Etherwave kit for Christmas (from my lovely wife). It's something I've wanted to try for some time. I haven't even finished the assembly yet, but I gave it a nice rosewood finish. I'll post pix when it's completed.

I played drums in various bands in the 70's and 80's. Played a little in the 90's when I taught myself just enough keyboard, guitar, and bass to embarrass myself. I've been writing and recording my own songs for a few years, and wanted to learn something totally different. Can't wait to incorporate its unique sound into some of my songs (as soon as I learn how to play. LOL!). Also hope to learn a lot from the thereminists on this site.

Posted: 1/7/2010 8:38:10 AM
Brian R

From: Somerville, MA

Joined: 10/7/2005

Hi, Frank--

Welcome to Theremin World! Looking forward to seeing what you've done with your cabinet. And you'll be pleased to know that, compared to those other instruments, the theremin offers far, far greater opportunities to embarrass yourself. :-)

All best,

Posted: 1/7/2010 9:35:46 AM

From: Hamburg, Germany

Joined: 12/27/2009

Hi Frank!
Welcome from another Theremin novice since xmas :-) Making the first steps on Theremin doesn't seem to be very easy. But you surely can get also nice "effects" out of it when frustration comes up and then youre all happy again :-) At least thats the case for me!

Greetings, Tobias
Posted: 1/7/2010 8:03:35 PM

From: Lowell, MA, USA

Joined: 12/27/2009

Thanks for the welcome, Brian and Tobias. Yes, I'm sure there is plenty of opportunity for humiliation. LOL! But as Tobias says, I can always resort to sound effects, when music fails. I should have it completed this weekend, and the frustration can begin. :o)

Looks like we are almost neighbors, Brian.

Posted: 1/17/2010 6:58:02 AM

From: Lowell, MA, USA

Joined: 12/27/2009

I've completed the build, and got it tuned. Now comes the hard part...

My new toy (

The rosewood finish...
Close-up (

Posted: 1/17/2010 8:04:36 AM

From: Croxley Green, Hertfordshire, UK

Joined: 10/5/2005

Nice finish. Good start...

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