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Posted: 2/4/2010 2:35:15 PM

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my name is Marc, I live in Vienna and I bought an Etherwave standard about three weeks ago (btw -please excuse my english -I know its not the best). I figured out how to play a few childrens songs and the Tetris-Melody and now I would like to learn a bit more about playing techniques. So I decided to by a DVD. Heres my question: Wich DVD would you recommend? I red in another thread that you should buy the Video of the artist you admire the most. But hey - If you just started to learn the theremin you kind of admire everybody who is able to master this instrument!

Thank you in advance!

Posted: 2/5/2010 6:51:11 AM

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Hi Marc,

Since you have no favorite thereminist and, as you say, "...admire everybody who is able to master this instrument" then why spend money on instructional DVD's?

Why not just follow some of the lessons on YouTube? Thereminist Thomas Grillo has a whole series of them. They are free, and as you have no clear preference for the direction of your theremin playing, they will probably give you what you want.

If you had a particular liking for the playing of Lydia Kavina, or Pamelia Kurstin, or any of the other thereminists who offer instructional material then you should follow the method of the player you like best. The technique you use will determine, to a large degree, what you are able to do on the instrument and how you will sound.

The great thereminist Clara Rockmore said in an interview once that the most important thing for a beginner thereminist is to know where you want to go before you start.

If you wanted to drive to Perchtoldsdorf, the quickest way to do it would be to have a roadmap. If you just get into your car and GO, it is going to take you much longer and you will probably end up making one or two wrong turns! You could even end up in Leopoldsdorf (God forbid!) which is not where you wanted to go.

One of the common misconceptions with the theremin is that you can play using any technique, including one you have made up yourself, and that you will be able to make it sound like whatever you want. No one would do this with the violin or the cello, but people do it with the theremin all the time. They think they can proceed to learn everything they can from everyone, see what works for them, and then synthesize a technique of their own.

The most important thing for you is to HAVE FUN with your theremin. If you are not having fun then the chances are you will not stick with it. So, whatever way you decide to proceed, make sure you are enjoying yourself. Play the music you like, and do not get discouraged. Playing the theremin well is very difficult and challenging but it is also very rewarding.

Make sure you end up in Perchtoldsdorf and not in Leopoldsdorf.

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