theremax antennae help

Posted: 4/10/2006 11:10:04 AM

From: CT USA

Joined: 1/15/2006

Hi Etherdave-

Yes, unfortunately, attempting to bend the 3/8 brass rod for the volume proved more work (and embarrassment) than I had anticipated. But in the process another idea for a volume antenna design came to mind (inspired partly by someone who used a uhf antenna for their "toaster theremin"), but it will involve dropping off at a local welder shop a brass "towel ring" and a short piece of straight rod (lol).

The 17" 3/8 solid brass pitch rod came out very nice. I had an 1 1/2" of it lathed and threaded on the end, so it can be screwed directly into the wooden case without requiring an external nut.

As of a couple nights ago, my Theremax is finally up and running (using a temporary volume antenna)-wow, what an incredible little instrument.

A special thanks to everyone here who has contributed all their insights in this forum. Your advice has been invaluable.


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