Problem with this very simple osc

Posted: 2/1/2007 10:10:58 AM

Joined: 5/18/2006

I'm having trouble with this simple optotheremin:

I'm fairly certain I've got all the connections right- as far as my understanding goes. I used a cap with the # 224 on it, so I'm assuming its .22 uf. Is this too high a capacitance value? Also, I used a regular nonpolarized ceramic.

Also, I think that my opto resistor may be too high a value. It came from Radio Shack and there were no values printed on the package, but it is of a fairly large physical size (3 or 4 mm across). Think that's the problem?

Posted: 2/5/2007 1:36:26 AM

From: sunnyvale california

Joined: 1/28/2007

When any project calls for certain part numbers, always go with those before you experiment.

Yes, 224 = .22 uF, so you're right there. And nonpolarized should be fine.

if you got one of those radio shack grab-bags of optical resistors (photocells) just try some of the others.

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