best kit to build your own theremin

Posted: 3/29/2007 5:44:23 PM

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What if you had something that created side bands of the main tone and that you could turn off or on with a hand unit? That's kind of related to radio technology.
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Sorry for keeping the thread off-topic, but on the subject of two-voice theremins, I have had interesting results using a Boss PS5 pitch-shifter to generate a second voice, the pitch being at a specified interval from the theremin's voice.

The pitch interval can be varied by use of an expression pedal. The volume of the second voice is a predetermined ratio of the theremin's voice. The volume ratio could be varied by adding another volume pedal to the set-up. (I already have one volume pedal for a different purpose - to vary the responsiveness of the volume antenna during a performance), but have not tried that yet.

In the long term I hope to replace my various effects pedal - pitch shifters and delays - with an (emulated) modular analog synthesiser to give me more control over the behaviour of additional voices than simple effects pedals permit.

The piece "Butterflies of Vertigo" (to be found on my mySpace profile - is an improvisation exploring some of the possibilities offered by this arrangement in conjunction with different echoes applied to each of the two tones, courtesy of a couple of low-cost delay boxes.

It is a live recording of a solo performance with no overdubbing or multi-tracking in post-production - the only post-production effect being a dash of reverb to place it in a rather larger space than my kitchen!
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News Flash for all of you who are unaware Moogmusic is no longer making the Etherwave Pro.
Posted: 4/19/2007 10:57:45 AM

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What is the alternative now?
Posted: 4/20/2007 8:47:57 AM

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There are still plenty of choices out there.

If there is a market then I am sure Moog will make another theremin, maybe a redesign of the E-Pro.
Posted: 4/20/2007 3:26:36 PM

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What are the choices comparable to E-Pro?
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There aren't any.
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I am nearing competion of my Theremin design; OK design is done, I'm currently testing the prototype. From my early results in the lab, it is capable of generating notes as low as 17Hz (sounds like a Harley Davidson) and as high as 3KHz. It has dual voicing (filtering not chords) and a built in amplifier with a vintage Jensen speaker and solid wood cabinet. There are features in this Theremin that to my knowledge are not available anywhere for any price. Production units will be available this summer. I have two more designs that will follow, one battery powered and rechargeable and a second that has frequency multiplication (i.e. chords). A separate mod box will be sold to add chord capability to the original unit. This intitial unit should match the etherwave pro in every respect and there's no need to buy an amplifier. The unit has headphone or line out. List price less than $400 U.S. dollars. For those interested in ordering or inquiring send email to Photos and sound samples will be available soon.


One update: Matching the etherwave pro in playability and features is a lofty goal. It is my hope that my design will achieve such heights but I am realistic thus my price. Pitch linearity is looking good and I am now hitting 11Hz consistently in bass mode. If anyone has heard Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, my theremin sounds like that in one of the modes.
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FWIW- I came up with a mod for my 126 theremin design that allows either type of volume response. I regret that the schematic for this revision is a little hidden. One fine day, I'll reorganize that page and make things more obvious. :)  Anyway, in the interim I put a link to the new volume new schematic under the older schematic:

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