Battery Powered Theremin

Posted: 5/9/2011 2:52:52 AM

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I have an etherwave standard theremin and want to play it on streets. I found a battery powered amp but i'm not sure about connecting theremin to a battery pack. The power supply socket has alot of pin and i'm not sure to cut the cable to connect to a battery. If you know how to connect the ew standart to a battery please help me.
Thank you and sorry for my english.
Posted: 5/9/2011 5:30:36 AM

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Hi Paydayin, welcome to Theremin World.

The best approach - as recommended by some TW members who busk regularly - is to use a 12V Leisure Battery (or a deep cycle battery or a jump-start battery - basically any lead-acid battery with a carrying handle!) and a small Inverter to give yourself a portable and rechargeable mains supply that will power your theremin and your amp etc. for several hours.

(Perhaps Cihan Gulbudak can help. He is a thereminist (his stage name is Mecz├╗p) who lives in Istanbul and has done some busking with an etherwave. You can find him on Facebook, MySpace and youTube:
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Thank you very much for your answer.

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