The Lev Antenna Revisited

Posted: 1/24/2013 4:05:09 AM

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" I asked where you would want to go. It went down hill rapidly from there. Oh my!" - RS ( now deleted from above posting by RS)

No - It went down-hill when, without any provocation, you stated that the fact I had not presented any sound-bites  implied that I was not being truthful - "I wonder why?" and "dubious" were the words first used if I remember correctly.. You then stated that it was easier to post a sound bite than to post a photo - I disagreed.. It went rapidly down-hill from there..

Aint going to say any more 'bout it.. but I wont be lied about!

"The only answer I have as to why no one has reported back with their results of the Lev Antenna is the fact that it is their first theremin build and accept the fact that the ideal pitch response they are experiencing is what's normal."

Oh, come on! - Thats just pathetic!  People who make the effort to experiment with the Lev antenna would only do so because they are fully aware of what linearity is, and have a reasonable idea about what is "normal" .. No "newbee" who has never played any other theremin is going to build a "Lev" antenna! .. And the only person who has come from the "newbee" position and played with your theremin + antenna that I know of, was not able to get the antenna to do anything that a standard antenna didnt do.

Also, you say that Lev knew about all the components in your theremin - I never said anything about that.. Lev probably knew about woks - but he never used them in his theremin designs - If I built a wok based antenna, would I have the "right" to call this a "Lev antenna" just because Lev knew about woks? - to me, this would be the most pathetic excuse for deliberate desception - Just like saying that because you once used the words "Thereminist Warrior" you have the right to hijack the TW Theremin and claim the right to "TW"

.. except you have now taken this to a whole new level - "I have the right to call this toilet brush a Microsoft toilet brush, because Bill Gates knows what a toilet brush is!" - ROFLMAO ! ;-) You are UNBELIEVABLE! ;-)

Oh hell - you cant help yourself.. LOL.  Integrity is important to me, and I go to extreme lengths to be sure that I am never misrepresenting what I do, or passing it off as something it is not... I have no reason to be proud of this, or feel "superior" because of it - iots just the way the universe has bashed me into this particular "shape" which gives me this perspective... The universe has bashed you differently.

My reason for not posting sound bites is simple - I have some pride, and will not post samples which have not been well recorded from a theremin I am ready to sell - And before I put any theremin on the market, there will be high quality recordings available for anyone to hear - and it is unlikely that I will put any high-end theremin on the market which has not been extensively tested by one of the top 5 thereminists, and I would hope to have recordings of that thereminist playing my theremin.

There are plenty of horrible theremin samples and recordings of badly played theremins on the internet - IMO there is absolutely no point in adding to this pile of rubbish, and wasting time doing so! - Likewise, there is no point in spending time making a high quality recording of a theremin prototype which I may not put into production, for whatever reason - this would just add to the frustration of those begging me to release a theremin.

Anyway - "Conversation" is over as far as im concerned - No doubt we cannot avoid bumping into each other here - but once again I will try to ignore you.. I stupidly tried to offer a twig of olive branch, and got my hand bitten..

Just a damn shame this STUPID thread re-appeared - But hey.. it had to happen, didnt it ! 8<(


Posted: 1/24/2013 8:28:21 AM

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Dear friends, it seems that this thread is bringing up more emotions than scientific insight. I allow exceptionally to use my admin faculties and to lock this thread until Jason will have taken a decision (it's still night in the U.S.).

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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