antenna theremin / optical theremin

Posted: 1/29/2006 12:05:02 PM

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What do you think about the advantages and disadvantages of the theremins with antenna and the optical ones ?
Posted: 1/30/2006 11:42:40 AM

From: Jax, FL

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There really is not comparison.

The antenna variety give a nice tone with lots of options. This is because of the hetrodyne circuits.

Optical theremins just have a simple voltage circuit that varies the pitch in relation to the amount of voltage resitance that is created by the photo-voltaic cell.

Most optical theremins are hard to actually play music on.
Posted: 2/2/2006 9:08:27 PM

From: Hillsborough, NC (USA)

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Maybe we should hold a contest for optical theremin performances to prove the point :)
Posted: 7/19/2007 9:23:30 AM

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"Goblin Box"
Not sure what this is, but they say it's theremin-like.
Haven't been able to get to the videos, but it sounds curious.

""The Goblin Box is roughly based on the concept of a theremin, utilizing light sensors instead of radio waves. Two coarse tune knobs allow for a wide variety of sound, from simple tones to static chaos. This video shows it being used alone, then processed through a filter + delay."Goblin Box Demo #2YouTube via nevenen.""

Goblin Box Demo mentioned at synthwise mashup site:

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