Play theremin left-hand or right-hand

Posted: 12/7/2006 11:05:19 AM

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[i]Does the other way feel any less clumsy?[/i]
hmmmmm, no.
Posted: 12/7/2006 12:44:58 PM
Marble Field

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"Then why aren't all string musicians playing with their RH playing pitch?"

I'd guess that achieving precision is much easier when there's something (like a fretboard in this case) to hold on to. But when there's only air to deal with, is anything less than your dominant hand enough?
Posted: 12/8/2006 8:29:42 AM

From: Jax, FL

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It's one of those things you will have to get used to.

Kind of like raising you volume hand to increase the volume.

Many people feel like it should be the other way round when they first play but it makes sense eventually.
Posted: 12/8/2006 9:59:29 AM

From: Kingston, NY

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When I started playing it felt most like my conducting and finger spelling muscles knew where to start.

Left hand was used to indicating volumn and the right hand was used to dealing with precise shapes and descrite motions.
From there I just focused on how Clara Rockmore plays.

Eventually your technique becomes your own.
But starting with both someting familiar in your experience as a frame work and watching an already skilled player can help a lot.

You can also just experiement with no musical goals in mind if that's what most interests you.

Just play every day.
Don't worry to much and remember that every note you play is the most beautiful sound in the world.

Posted: 12/11/2006 3:14:40 PM

From: Jax, FL

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omhoge, I think that's why it is set up the way it is.

I have often thought it resembled conducting an orchestra....
Posted: 12/12/2006 2:19:32 PM

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First I just want to say thanks you for your advice and ideas...
as u say, i'll try to play as i feel the best way... i'll tell you in a few months which way i choose for playing theremin...

Posted: 12/12/2006 11:16:24 PM

From: new haven ct.

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what if you start one way and decide you'd rather play the other?
You'd have to get another one. i know you can just turn it around and play it from the back, but you need to get at the controls
if you play cello right handed, start the theremin right handed ( pitch with the right hand)
Posted: 4/7/2008 1:22:53 PM

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Dredging up this ancient thread, since I noticed Jon Bernhardt playing "backwards" like this and it intrigued me.

"Then why aren't all string musicians playing with their RH playing pitch?"

Thinking back to when I played violin: the bow requires a lot of precision and finesse, probably more so than the left hand. A Russian virtuoso (whose name escapes me at the moment) once told my youth orchestra that you spend 10 years learning how to hold the violin, then the next 10 years mastering the left hand, then the next 10 years mastering the right hand, and then you finally learn how they all work together. (Not particularly encouraging words for kids!)

I tried turning my Etherwave around with pitch on the left hand, but it was a lost cause :)

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