Jaycar/SC kit questions...

Posted: 1/4/2007 12:24:00 PM

Joined: 1/4/2007

Thanks for reading, I'm after a bit of help!

Just built my first kit from thereminkits.com in Australia. The instructions weren't great but readable and no support section on their website.

I had to make some changes to the kit which included:

1. The Box. Got a much cooler blue see through box from maplins. And bigger too which is a bonus!

2. The speaker. It has an internal speaker which I wont use much but instead of drilling 9 holes on the case lid for the sound to come through, I have one large hole the size of the speaker.

3. The ariel. This was a pain. With what came supplied, It was impossible for me to attach the ariel so I had to make a bracket and snapped the ariel provided but just bought another from maplins. Would this affect it? Does it use a special kind of ariel?

4. Output socket. It came with an RCA socket for audio output which I presumed is an Australian thing so I got a 1/4" Jack socket.

So, what happened ... I turned it on, and ... nothing. Not a bean. No pops, buzzes, crackles, hums. Nothing.

And thats where I am. Should I be looking for anything obvious? I'm quite impressed with my solering which I'm going to check again and havent made any adjustments to the pots yet....

Any help would be fantastic as I'm pretty new to this fabulous world!


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