13 Theremin Myths – Don’t recognize any then add yours?

Posted: 11/20/2011 7:51:14 PM
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Another 13 Myths:


GordonC Never Sleeps, he thinks about electrodes and current flow! (me too)

[b]Edit:[/b] (AC current does not flow, it more vibrates. Electromagnetic radiation does not flow as its speed is near that of light so it is instantaneous. Calling the theremin appendages an electrode would disqualify its behavior as a capacitor plate or a RF antenna...Now I am scratching my head?)

Thierry is going to post his Tuning the EtherWave Standard method for ideal Linearity.

There are many good theremin schematics out there so why design your own from scratch?

Never post a sound byte of your research so everyone knows you had success.

The Clara Rockmore vocal sound is only found in North America, the UK has a funny accent!

Vibrato is the unnatural affect of nervous theremin playing so avoid it.

Home theremin builders flaunt their work because they are happy with the sound.

YouTube has many good demonstrations of home built theremins.

All Thereminist are forthcoming in how they develop their theremin sound, there are no secrets.

Building a theremin kit will teach you electronics.
(It is like painting by number but still a good approach!)

The past year has seen a surge in theremin construction interest!

The theremin cannot be considered a mini AM Radio transmitter emitting an electromagnetic field modulated by a beat frequency. (Tune an AM Radio back and forth around 580 kHz next to your [b]EtherWave Standard[/b] antenna and you will pick up the RF transmitted theremin tone)

I can't whistle so theremin playing is not for me.


Posted: 11/25/2011 8:54:34 PM

From: Jax, FL

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I would like to chime in on the tube amp issue. While the speaker obviously comes into play, I would say that the tube amp itself also affects the sound. In other words, a solid state amp and a tube amp running through an identical speaker will sound different because of the frequencies that are emphasized by the respective amps. This happens whether or not the tube is over driven.

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