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Posted: 6/2/2005 11:08:18 PM
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Hi, i want to buy a theremin and have read the reviews on different ones. first question is, how or can you use it with an instrument, such as guitar. for there is only an output on the theremin. is there one with in's and out's?also , if you use it on stage in concert what is the range for people around it to start it going. i don't want it to go off during a show. do all the current models give the sci-fi, siren effects, etc.( in addition to doing melodies when i am more comfortable with it). i want to use it on stage and control it without audience interference. if i can't use it with a guitar i know it needs a a different amp for it. please help with suggestions on models. money is an option. no kits. not concerned about easy to use or not. but can't afford the higher priced ones..thanks for your help,
Posted: 6/4/2005 11:10:36 PM
Jeff S

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Welcome to Thereminworld!
From your post you seem a little confused. The theremin is a musical instrument in and of itself. It is not an effect or a processor, therefore it has no “input”, only an “output”.

I’m sure there are guitarists that also play a theremin on stage, but I’m pretty sure not at the same time. Because of the nature of the theremin, you would have to keep all other people well away from it while on stage. (You don’t allow people from the audience on stage with you, do you?) Even so, to keep the theremin silent when you’re not playing it, it would be best to run it through a volume pedal.

ANY theremin, even the single antenna types, can do “sci-fi” and “siren” effects. However, a “proper” theremin must have two antenna, which is essential for playing melodic pieces properly.

If your guitar amp has two inputs, you can plug the theremin into it along with your guitar, but it would not be good to try to play them at the same time. Otherwise, you would need a separate amp, in which case a keyboard amp would be a better choice.

Ah, but “easy to use” IS an issue, especially if you want to play music on it. You don’t say exactly what you think are the “higher priced” theremins, but I would assume you mean theremins such as the Moog Etherwave Pro, the Wavefront (which is no longer being produced at this time), and the TVOX Tour.
Other than that the one I think most people would recommend highly is the standard Moog Etherwave. The Etherwave is a quality instrument capable of doing anything you’d want from a theremin and is highly playable.
If you’re not sure if you’re ready for that kind of investment, the Kees Enkelaar theremin is worth considering. While not quite the quality of the Moog, it is a decent and playable theremin if set up properly.
Many people would also recommend the PAIA Theremax, except it is a kit so you may not be interested in it.
Other than that, there are no other theremins that I would recommend, although perhaps others may.

Good Luck!
Posted: 6/6/2005 1:24:52 PM
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Thanks Jeff. I am waiting for my Etherwave to arrive. Then I will really understand things better.
Posted: 6/30/2005 8:26:34 AM

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Did it show up yet? Let us know how you like it and if you have any other questions on getting started.

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