The Nano Head amp!

Posted: 8/12/2005 10:36:54 PM

From: Winston-Salem, NC

Joined: 6/30/2005

From the guy who makes the theremin-styled Fuzz Probe.

The Nano Head (

It's a tube guitar amp about the size of an iPod.

They sell for about $400. It would be really neat to run an EPro through one of those. He's using high-efficency military surplus low voltage tubes in those babies. The iMPAMP next to it is also some serious shiznit....
Posted: 8/13/2005 10:36:23 AM

From: Raleigh NC, USA

Joined: 2/19/2005

I've used the Nano Head before (a couple of hours test in the store) because I use several of Z Vex's products, including his theremin-based (discontinued) Volume Probe and his (not discontinued) Trem Probe. The Nano is very cool. Has a small built-in speaker. Requires an AC adapter, unlike most of his gear.

Note for locals: Fat Sound Guitars in Cary, NC is the only ZVex dealer in the state, which is why I use so many of ZVex's effects (besides the small size and unique sounds) - I can try them without having to buy them untested. Fat Sound has a Nano Head in stock, and since they've had it a while I imagine they'd give you a good price on it.

The impamp he just announced as a new product this past week, I haven't seen it yet.

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