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Hi I have a standard etherwave theremin recently the 3 pin plug that conects to the theremin from the psu has been pulled of the cable. I was wondering if you could tell me which cable goes to which pin on the three pin din so I can re solder it Kindest regards Richard
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I allowed to "clean up" the other copy and paste postings.

Out of that, Richard had sent me the same text by email and has already got an exhaustive reply because I had not seen that he posted here, too.

So, this was my answer:

Hi Richard,
there exist two variants of the PSU, one with a two wire cable and one with a three wire cable. Which variant do you have? Which colors do the wires have?
The most common variant is the two wire cable with a black and a white wire. Those have to be soldered to both extreme pins of the three pin DIN-plug. The black one on the left pin (seen from the solder side) and the white one on the right pin. The central pin remains free (and is bridged with the black wire inside the Etherwave).
The three wire cable has normally the colors red, blue and green. The green wire goes on the center pin, the blue one on the left pin and the red one on the right pin (always seen from the solder side).
Don't hesitate to contact me again if you meet other colors or if you have other questions.
Kind regards
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Thanks Thierry 
I am incredibly grateful for you help. I have the 3 wire variant and they are red blue and green. I'll get it soldered up today
Thanks again for your help

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