Best sounding Theremin question

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Chris wrote:


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Your voice is terrific too. Truly terrific.

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"... so I don't go near it!"  -ChrisC

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Interesting topic, sorry did not see her before.


The sound of a transistor THM is poor because there are few overtones, harmonics, "warm" distortions. And the main tone is too dominant.


In guitar circuitry, emulators for the sound of a lamp have long been used.


(most likely useful for the theremin theme).


I want to share examples (even reference points :-)) of beautiful sounding among vocalists.


There is a school of vocals, where emphasis is on strength and a sharp high voice (it's screamers),

 but there is where the voice is rich and soft. And the tonic, the dominant does not bulge, 

but is in the "embraces" of harmonics and overtones.


Vocalists, whose voice is "set", sings a rich formants sound. 

And high notes are not a sharp cry, but the same velvet, beautiful timbre.


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