theremin amps!

Posted: 2/28/2016 8:25:06 PM

From: Clinton Township, MI

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""I can recommend (since I own one for a long time) the Behringer K450-FX. It's a 40W amp with a 10" speaker and some digital effects (Reverb etc.) built in. It is not expensive (about €150 here) and the most important: It's THE amplifier on which I did the whole bass module developing and testing. And yes, with this amp and the ESPE01 module, you may remove the plaster from the ceiling... :-)" You still using the Behringer K450-FX? I noticed it's a PA/Keyboard amp and is top rated... Just wondering if you still like it.  I've been offered a Crate FXT30 Guitar Amp w/ DSP for $30.00... It's older but never been used more than a few times. However, it's a guitar amp and thinking a PA/Keyboard amp like the K450-FX is the better way to go... For $30 I might grab it for the time being... However, figure my sons are 8 and 10 so they will probably want a rock band eventually anyhow... ha ha.    I have a Steinbert UR22mkII and M-Audio BX5a's on my iMac... So, I do have some decent monitors but when jamming it's not ideal... I'd rather have something to jam with. Plus I will be getting an Etherwave (or holding out for that secret project) by yearend and would like something that is good for both the theremini and an etherwave."

I had a $50 Xfinity Credit card that had to be used so I grabbed a Behringer K450-FX today... I really liked the sound of it at Guitar Center (yes, took my theremini with me)... So, $150.00 not bad for this PA/Keyboard amp!!! Now to play with the settings. :)

Posted: 8/22/2016 8:48:29 PM

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hello,  I received my behringer k450  today and I'm already very pleased with the sound I'm getting .  as there are many settings that can be done I was wondering what settings people are using?

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