RCA 1264 for sale in South Carolina

Posted: 2/4/2013 12:50:05 AM

From: south carolina

Joined: 12/7/2005

     I am offering my RCA 1264 Theremin for sale.  This is serial number 200047 listed in the

Theremin Registry (Aerielle).  I've had her since 2006 when I purchased her through a

forum auction here in the Theremin World forum.  After many back surgeries and a lack

of any appreciable theremin talent I've decided that it's time to let her move on to her next


     The theremin is in good condition but not currently playing to full potential.  I had it

tweaked to play multiple octaves years ago when I first had it restored but I no longer have

access to an oscilloscope and equipment to set it up again.  It does play in a high pitch

octave but I haven't made any further adjustments.  I will sell it as is.

     The cabinet has been refinished and is solid and complete.  There is one original

rear door knob but I do have another set of two replacement knobs that are old also. 

Both antennas are beautiful reproductions made by Mike Buffington.  Coils are original

and in good shape. 

     I also have an RCA 106 speaker that is unrestored that will go with the theremin.

It is untested but in good condition - speaker, cabinet and tapestry.  I used the theremin

with a modern speaker and matching transformer so I didn't restore the RCA speaker. 

     I would like to recoup my original cost of the theremin and what I have in the cabinet

and electronic restoration, so I do have a reasonable reserve.  I have LOTS of photos in

a Photobucket album, so if anyone is interested I can send a link.  I don't really want to

openly publish the album link.  Not sure if that's ok with Photobucket.  Just drop me an 

email at kenbarbdae@yahoo.com  and I can send you the link.   If there's more than a 

few seriously interested, I will take best offers similar to how I purchased the teremin

originally.  You can get a quick peek in the Theremin Registry - theremin # 200047 Aerielle.

It has the Aeolian decal on front. 

     I would much rather have the theremin picked up if at all possible.  Shipping by

commercial means would be terrifying and I would very much like to avoid it.  I drove from

here in South Carolina to Manassas, Virginia to pick it up originally.  Better safe than


    Hopefully, I can find Aerielle a good new home.  Email with questions and photo requests

if interested.  There's LOTS of photos in case I've left anything out.  I've tried

to post here but I can't get the sizing right.


ken brown






Posted: 2/4/2013 2:18:03 AM

From: Brooklyn,NY

Joined: 12/1/2009

interested! - in pics at least.  post the link.

Posted: 2/4/2013 2:42:19 AM

From: south carolina

Joined: 12/7/2005

Here goes...let's see if this works.


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